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alternative reaper chaincannons

CSM Reaper Chaincannon Alternatives

By Chris | March 31, 2019

So with the release of the new Chaos Space Marines, followed very closely by the new Havocs. A lot of people have their eyes on making the most of the new Reaper Chaincannon. Especially after the Warhammer Community’s reveal that this weapon deals out a mighty 8 shots with the following profile.   With the ability…

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Looking back at Our 2019 Geekend

By Chris | March 15, 2019

Once a year our group of gaming friends will get together for our annual Geekend. Where we hire out an old country estate for a long weekend full of wargames and boardgames. This is something we have been doing for a few years now and I would highly recommend. Most of us are getting to…

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Nearing the Finish

By Chris | February 26, 2019

So, it seems that we are pretty consistent and not terribly great at doing updates or getting as many Warhammer 40k games in for our Tale of Gamers challenge as we had initially hoped. Our 6-month long campaign quickly turned into a year long one. I can’t deny that there have been a few notable…

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warhammer world trip

Warhammer World Trip

By Chris | October 15, 2018

My gaming group had been threatening to arrange a trip to Warhammer World for the past 6 years. Admittedly very little ever happened towards planning a trip down, despite the subject coming up every year. Considering we’re only a 6-7 hour drive away from Nottingham, it’s not really a huge commitment to travel south for…

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Battling Hobby Procrastination

By Chris | June 27, 2018

Battling procrastination is something that I have been dealing with for quite a while (and admittedly haven’t been winning). We all reach that point sometimes where we just can’t find the motivation to pick up the paint brush, build models or arrange to meet up with friends. Its actually part of the reason why we…

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Confessions of a Traitor

By Chris | March 30, 2018

Admittedly we’ve all been a bit lax of late in our hobby progress following the festive period. Life just seems to find new methods of getting in the way, with Euan moving house, Ian’s kitchen getting flooded and ripped out, then me receiving the gift of tonsillitis and a pretty severe sinus infection from Grandfather…

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Space Marine Chapter Name Generator

Struggling to come up with a name for your Primaris Marines? Check out our Chapter Name Generator to help give you some ideas. 

Miniature Painting

We'll be putting together some painting and modeling tutorials and keeping regular updates as to what we are working on currently


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