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Gaming in Scotland

At Battle Brothers, we are all about supporting the hobby and want to help make it easy to find  good gaming clubs throughout Scotland. If you have a club that isn't listed please get in touch, providing your clubs' information and we will add you to the list.

We may look to expand our list in the future but for now we are remaining focused on listing gaming clubs in Scotland.

Is your Gaming Club missing? Give us the details and we will get it included in the list

Aberdeen Gaming Clubs

Aberdeen Wargames Club

Mainly playing historic and WW2 era games


Address: Aberdeen Grammar FP Club, 86 Queens Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YQ

Games Cafe Club

A new gaming group starting on Thursday 8/03/1028 at Caf4e@Credo in Aberdeen. Initially focused on board games, from classics like Monopoly, Jenga to Settlers of Catan, Escape and X-Wing


Address: Cafe@Credo, 17-20 John Street, Aberdeen AB25 1BT

Edinburgh & Lothians Gaming Clubs

Ark Games Club

The Ark Games Club is dedicated to providing a safe environment for like-minded individuals to meet up and socialise around the hobby of tabletop gaming.


Club Nights: Wednesday Evenings

Address: Cornerstone Centre St Johns Church, 1A Lothian Rd, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Lothian Gamers

Friendly Wargaming club located in Edinburgh that meets on Tuesday evenings in Red Dice Games at the bottom of Leith.

We primarily play Games Workshop games, such as Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Underworlds, Warcry, etc


Club Nights: Tuesdays 18:00-22:00

Address: 125 Great Junction Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

South East Scotland Wargames Club

SESWC have a good balance between historical, science fiction and fantasy gaming in the club as well as playing a selection of board and card games. The club has access to the bar with reasonably priced drinks. They are also responsible for running Claymore, Scotland's premiere wargames show.


Club Nights: Thursdays 19:00-23:00

Address:  Royal Navy & Royal Marine Association at 1 Broughton Road, Edinburgh

West Calder Wargamers

A small dedicated club that play a selection of wargames near Livingston.


Club Nights: Wednesdays 19:45-23:00

Address: 10 West End, West Calder, EH55 8EN

Falkirk Gaming Clubs

Falkirk District Wargames Club

Our members play a diverse range of tabletop wargames from historical, fantasy, Sci-Fi and all the sub-genres in between!


Club Nights: Mondays 19:00-23:00

Address: Newlands Community Hall, 63 Montgomery St, Grangemouth FK3 8QR

Glasgow and Lanarkshire Gaming Clubs

G3 Glasgow Gamers Group

A wide variety of gamers – playing historical, fantasy and science fiction war games, as well as board games and role-playing groups.


Club Nights: Tuesdays 17:15-20:15

Address: 36 Glenfarg St, Glasgow, G20 7QE

Glasgow District Wargames Society

On a typical Sunday you will find ancient and medieval battles using FoG, SAGA, Lion Rampant or Hail Caesar, Renaissance with FoGR, Napoleonic and 19th Century conflicts using Black Powder and WW2 using Command Decision or Bolt Action rules.


Club Nights: Sundays 12:30-17:30

Address: Scout Hall, Shawmoss Road, Crossmyloof, Glasgow, G41 4AD