Slaanesh Warband Name Generator

Slaanesh IconIt's only fitting that the bliss-giving supplicants of the Prince of Excess have a suitable name for their cult or Warband. Something which sounds appropriately sordid and ostentatious enough that you could imagine such a group would call themselves.

Our Slaanesh Warband Name Generator has hundreds of combinations and will help you to come up with the perfect name for your Emperor's Children Warband, Slaanesh following army or pleasure cult. Whether you favour drowning out your enemies in a cacophony of sound or proving your martial prowess is so much better than theirs.

If you're running an Emperor's Children force for Warhammer 40k, Kill Team or need a name for your Slaanesh Age of Sigmar Warband or indeed any other group that worships the Prince of Excess, pleasure and perfection, then this is for you!

Share your New Warband Name Below

We’ve given this quite a few tries ourselves, although are always interested to hear what combinations other people got and what they thought of the names that were generated.

Please share your best results with us in the comments below. Tell us a little more about your newly named Slaanesh Warband:

  • What name did you decide on?
  • Who are they?
  • What motivates and drives them?

For Pain and Pleasure!

Now that you have your newly named Slaanesh Warband it's time to begin your own quest for perfection in whatever manner pleases.


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