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26 Hour Painting Marathon

By Chris | July 10, 2020

Our gaming group decided to try our hand at a 26 hour painting marathon, (much to the dissatisfaction to our significant others). As it’s something we could all get behind while being stuck at home and following current government guidelines as well as supporting a good cause. Supporting Help for Heroes Imagine your life changing…

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Starting a Red Corsairs Army

By Chris | July 10, 2020

I’ve always been pretty keen on the Red Corsairs colour scheme and enjoyed their background. In fact I first had an army of them back when they used to be nothing more than an assortment of loyalist Marines (Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, etc) with a red cross painted over the iconography, marking them as renegades.…

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Warhammer Quarantine Hobby Bingo

By Chris | March 26, 2020

With Covid-19 resulting in lock downs across the globe, a lot of us aren’t able to get out much to play games, go to work or see our friends or family. For us Warhammer and wargaming enthusiasts, it presents some time where we can try our best to make a sizeable dent in that backlog…

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An End to our Tale of Gamers

An End to our Tale of Gamers Challenge

By Chris | May 3, 2019

Our Warhammer 40k Tale of Gamers challenge has now officially ended. It took us a little longer than expected, as we had to review and update our 6-month goal to a year-long one when it became obvious that none of us was anywhere near meeting the initial deadline. We all agreed that the Geekend would…

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alternative reaper chaincannons

CSM Reaper Chaincannon Alternatives

By Chris | March 31, 2019

So with the release of the new Chaos Space Marines, followed very closely by the new Havocs. A lot of people have their eyes on making the most of the new Reaper Chaincannon. Especially after the Warhammer Community’s reveal that this weapon deals out a mighty 8 shots with the following profile.   With the ability…

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Looking back at Our 2019 Geekend

By Chris | March 15, 2019

Once a year our group of gaming friends will get together for our annual Geekend. Where we hire out an old country estate for a long weekend full of wargames and boardgames. This is something we have been doing for a few years now and I would highly recommend. Most of us are getting to…

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Space Marine Chapter Name Generator

Struggling to come up with a name for your Primaris Marines? Check out our Chapter Name Generator to help give you some ideas. 

Miniature Painting

We'll be putting together some painting and modeling tutorials and keeping regular updates as to what we are working on currently


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