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The Big List of Wargaming Black Friday Deals 2020

We’re at it again this year, with a list of as many black Friday wargaming deals that we can find for 2020. Putting all the deals in the one place! If you know of a shop, supplier or deal that hasn’t been included drop a mention and a link in the comments below and we will get it added!

Black Friday was on the 25th, although some suppliers still have sales going on.

Tabletop and Wargaming Black Friday Deal Roundup

We are continually adding more deals to the list as we find them, click on the links below to jump to the appropriate section.

Game Publishers

Warlord Games

warlord games black friday

Availability: Throughout November

Warlord Games are doing a whole range of starter set deals across most of their games throughout November. Well worth a look at if your interested in starting Bolt Action, Gates of Antares, Black Powder or any of their other games.

Mats, Paints & Accessories


tablewar black friday deals

Availability: Throughout November

Specialising in game mats, Tablewar are doing 15% off all November as part of their Black Friday deal, and an additional 10% off for returning customers!


Availability: Unconfirmed

Urbanmatz are currently offering between 5-10% off of their gaming mats, pre-painted terrain and foldable table bundles.

Deep-Cut Studio

Availability: 27th-29th November

No details as of yet as to what offers will be available from Deep-Cut Studio but their Black Friday sale goes live on the 27th.

Frontline Gaming

Availability: Until the 30th of November

Frontline Gaming are doing 25% off of their gaming mats and terrain for Black Friday.

Fallout Hobbies

Availability: Until the 30th of November

Fallout Hobbies are a great place to get custom decals for your minis. They are currently doing a 15% discount on orders using the code: PAINTTHEPLASTICBFCM

This also applies to their sister site chaptercustomizer.com where you can get decals and 3d printed vehicle doors for the likes of the ‘Blood Crows’, ‘Iron Skulls’ and ‘Sharks’ and other totally not GW chapters 😉



4ground black friday deal

Availability: Throughout November

4Ground are knocking 25% off of everything on their online store, great if you need some terrain for your battlefield. They said that this deal will be available throughout November.

Every Little War

Availability: Unconfirmed

Every Little War have a range of MDF terrain and conversion kits from a few different designers. You can currently get 20% off of your order at the checkout with the discount code: 2020

Models & Parts

Mierce Miniatures

Availability: Until 27th November

Mierce Miniatures are doing 30% off on their online shop on “pretty much everything” from now until midnight on the 27th of November. Using the voucher code: BLAEC-FRIDAY-2020

They have a fantastic range of highly detailed minis that are well worth checking out!

Firelock Games

Availability: 20th-30th November

Firelock Games who specialise in piratical themed minis are currently doing 20% off when you use the promo code: blackflagfriday

Crooked Dice

Availability: 20th November

Crooked Dice are giving away a free figure with all orders on Friday the 20th of November. As well as their bargain bin sale of figures.


Mortian Black Friday Sale

Availability: Until Monday 23rd November

Mortian does a great range of vehicles that would easily fit into an Imperial Guard or Mechanicum force. He’s also recently started the Cyber Rats range, although these aren’t included in the sale.

AK Interactive

Availability: Until Sunday 29th November

AK interactive are doing a Black Friday Week with deals of up to 25% off their own products.

Mad Robot Miniatures

Availability: 27th – 29th November

Mad Robot Miniatures are doing 20% off of tank kits, although quantities will be limited so might want to keep an eye on these and pick them up quickly if there is anything you fancy.

Unreal Wargaming

Availability: 22nd – 30th November

Unreal Wargaming have 20% off their range of different bases as part of their Black Friday sale.

Shieldwolf Miniatures

Availability: 27th November Only

Shieldwolf Miniatures will be doing a 24 hour sale on the 27th of November.

Red Dog Minis

Availability: Unconfirmed

Red Dog Minis mainly focus on alternatives and upgrade parts for Tau and Primaris Space Marines. They are currently offering roughly 20% off of a selection of upgrade bits and pieces, worth checking out if you run either army.

Willy Miniatures

Availability: Throughout November

Willy Miniatures, who specialise in alternative Blood Bowl and similar fantasy type American football minis are doing a massive 40% off all orders by using the code: BLOCK FRIDAY


comixinios 20% off alternate blood bowl teams

Availability: No confirmed deadline

Although not technically a Black Friday deal, Comixinios currently has 20% off a range of alternative teams for Blood Bowl as well as a range of gaming accessories.

Alternative Armies

alternative armies black friday deals

Availability: Throughout November

Alternative Armies are doing 15% off of orders at the checkout until the 1st of December

Footsore Miniatures & Games

Availability: Throughout November

Footsore are doing 20% off orders over £100 or for orders over $100 on their North America site.

Cases & Transport

Battle Foam

Availability: 24th-30th November

Although not up yet, Battle Foam are going to be kicking off their sale from the 24th of November, when they will have discounts of up to 70% off.

3D Files

My Mini Factory

Availability: Currently Early Access Deals through subscriptions

My Mini Factory currently has an early bird offer up, where if you subscribe to their MMF+ service ($9.99 a month, or $89.99 annually) you get access to up to 50% off of popular STLs.

You can also get up to 70% off some STLs by signing up to their Newsletter.

Corvus Games Terrain

Availability: From the 20th November

Corvus Games Terrain are doing 15% off of STLs with the code: BlackFriday2020Yippie! entered at the checkout page for orders over €10.

Hero Forge

Availability: Throughout November

Hero Forge have a deal where you can create a character using their online character builder and buy the STL for $3.99

Watcorp Designs

Availability: Unconfirmed

Watcorp designs are doing 15% off all digital downloads with the discount code: BF2020XXY

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November 20, 2020 12:42 am

I think that Death Ray Designs(US-based mdf terrain) and Kromlech both usually do 20% off during Black Friday as well.

November 20, 2020 2:41 pm
Reply to  Chris

Hi Chris, I *just* got the email from Kromlech stating that they’ll have deals “up to 30% off” from the 26th through the 30th.

Death Ray Designs I believe usually puts up their Black Friday sale closer to the actual day. A few years ago I grabbed their “Deadbolt’s Derelict” set to use for Zone Mortalis during Black Friday.

November 22, 2020 11:43 am

Unreal Wargaming Studios has up to 20% off all their resin bases!

July 17, 2021 12:54 pm

Is it true there are half price bolt action sales sometimes? if so when is it?

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