Starting a Red Corsairs Army

I’ve always been pretty keen on the Red Corsairs colour scheme and enjoyed their background. In fact I first had an army of them back when they used to be nothing more than an assortment of loyalist Marines (Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, etc) with a red cross painted over the iconography, marking them as renegades. I believe it was the old 3.5 codex that first introduced them. The idea of once loyal Marines from all walks of life who had thrown that all away to take up interstellar piracy really appealed to me.

First appearance of Red Corsairs

I was tempted to revisit them when they were reintroduced with their new paint scheme and with Huron Blackheart at the helm when they took centre stage in the 4th Chaos codex. Although the pull of the Word Bearers was too strong and it became one of those projects I would have liked to have done but never got round to.

Fast forward what is it? About 20 years and Games Workshop decided to update the main chaos line. For anyone that knows me I’m a huge chaos fan boy and have done umpteen different armies/legions/warbands. Funnily enough, I found myself in the same predicament, torn between Red Corsairs and Word Bearers. Now this was before Psychic Awakening hit, otherwise I think it would have swayed my decision but in the end I settled on the space pirates AAARRR!

Since then I’ve been slowly building up an army, of which the only real plan was to get all the new shiny things! Admittedly this may not have been the best approach but tends to be the one I default to.

Kitbashing Huron Blackheart

One of the first things I had to do was dig out the fine cast model of Huron from the bottom of my bits box. It was time for this old pirate to get a new lease of life, although after comparing him with some of the new chaos space Marines he was noticeably shorter and not exactly intimidating. I had a look about at some kitbash e’s and conversions online but nothing really stood out to me. Admittedly there is an amazing one based off of Abaddon, though despite Huron supposed to be large, I don’t think he should be that big.

In the end I decided to have a stab at it myself. After rummaging through the horde of new chaos Marines for a suitable body I settled on the Havoc Champion as a base. I assembled the body as normal and removed the Daemon toe claws.

I wanted to keep the fearures in Huron’s neck and a simple cut wouldn’t have worked very well. Instead I cut into the original models torso, trimming away small parts here and there till I was left with his head and most of his neck still intact. A little filing and he fit easily into his new body.

I kept his flamer arm, though had to cut away and file down the old shoulder pad as it just didn’t scale well with the new model. It took a little trial and error but I left enough of a rounded area to fit a new shoulder pad. I done the same for his axe arm, added the backpack and he was good to go.

Kitbashing Converting Huron Blackheart
Kitbash of Huron Blackheart

All in all it was a pretty easy conversion that didn’t take much effort and looks pretty good. I especially like the “come ahead” challenging pose that the arms added to the havoc body give off.

Still a few bits and pieces to finish off on Huron but at least he is starting to look the part.

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