Mission Statement

Play more Games, with Painted Models and have Fun.

Playing More Games

We both used to be a central part of a very close knit gaming community in Edinburgh. Although, due to work, life and family commitments, both Chris and Ian found that they were playing less and less of the games they loved. Add to this was the fact that neither of us were able to attend the Edinburgh League of Gamers club regularly anymore also had quite a substantial impact on the amount of gaming we got done. Although we kept in touch with many friends, over time as is the way with life, people got married, got engaged, moved on, started families, moved cities or went back home.

The gaming scene in Edinburgh continued to live on, changing and evolving over time with new games gaining popularity and new faces finding their way into the hobby. It's something neither of us were involved in as much as we used to be and found that we would talk often about how we missed being part of it.

Using Painted Models

There's a great feeling of achievement having a fully painted force on the tabletop, whether you have painted them yourself or used a commission painting service. Games are far more enjoyable and more picturesque when your not staring at a table of half assembled, half grey plastic models.

Therefore we decided to throw down the gauntlet. The only models that can be used, photographed and appear on the Battle Brothers website, in our events, battle reports and videos must be painted! Obviously this only applies to playing games, we will make the obvious exceptions for painting tutorials, hobby progress reports etc.

Promoting Fun in the Hobby

At Battle Brothers we enjoy the games that aren't just about smashing your opponent with the most overpowered list you can build. Lets face it, there are plenty tournaments that are known for being extremely competitive. Most of us have attended at least one event like that. We accept that some people enjoy that angle of the hobby and like to test their mettle against other such lists, which is great! But it is just one of the many ways to enjoy this hobby.

We prefer playing more narrative games, for example battles, campaigns and events that tell a story. The kind of games that have you laughing with your friends, where the focus is more on having a good time, hanging out in the company of enjoyable people. Creating experiences and events that people will remember and want to talk about.