warhammer sale on audible

All Warhammer Titles in Audible Sale

Audible currently have a member’s sale on at the moment where you can pick up a large selection of audio books for as little as £3.50 a title. when you consider that most of these are normally more than £25 a title it does make for a considerable saving. Picking them up this cheap also works out a better deal than spending credits on them.

There are quite a few Warhammer 40k & Fantasy/Age of Sigmar titles included within the sale, and it’s a great way to pick up some good hobby listening material for a bargain price.

However we’d advise you to be quick as the sale ends today!

Warhammer 40k Audiobooks

Fabious Bile-Primogenitor
Cadia Stands

Warhammer Fantasy & Age of Sigmar Audiobooks

Happy listening folks!

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