Who Are We?

Battle Brothers was created by Chris and Ian, as a hobby blog and website. Our aim was to draw our line in the sand and create our own space online that we would use to encourage the playing the games we love the way we enjoy. That is, having fun in a positive environment, making good hobby progress, playing games with fully painted models, taking part in and running great events and doing our bit to contribute to the hobby community online.

We have both fallen away from the social aspect of the hobby over the years due to work commitments, family, moving home etc. It is something that we both miss and are looking to rekindle and that's why Battle Brothers was born.

Battle Brother Chris

Battle Brother Chris I first happened across the hobby at the tender age of 9. Wandering into Games Workshop Glasgow I was greeted with a store packed full of kids, half of them screaming "For the Emperor!" with the other half screaming "Blood for the Blood God!" back and forward, the loudest side got first turn apparently. It left quite the initial impression! This was cool!

I got stuck in and was allocated a couple of squads of Space Marines to control for the battle, which I promptly used to crush the opponents across the table. I had a great time! Suddenly trips into town with mum went from being dragged around clothes shopping to getting left at the Games Workshop to wage war, crushing the enemies of mankind.

20 years on I've been wargaming on and off for quite a long time, occasionally dipping a toe into other game systems. Although, the vast majority of that time has been firmly spent within the Warhammer 40k universe. And when Forgeworld started expanding into the Horus Heresy I couldn't help but jump into it head first. I'm an avid Chaos player at heart and everything I touch seems to eventually get tainted for the dark gods. So it come as no big surprise that my current focus is on 30k Word Bearers, Chaos Renegades and 30k Mechanicum that tend to be on the traitor side more than the loyalists.

I'm usually quite an active member in the local gaming community was the events coordinator at ELG for a number of years, as such I'm known for often running events, creating fun scenarios or hosting tournaments. However, my hobby and gaming has more or less dried up completely following move away from the big city and helping the renovation of my parent's new house.

Battle Brother Ian

Battle Brother IanWell, where to start guys and gals! I suppose the best place is how I got hooked on this awesome hobby we all love so much. My best mate Chris (see above image) and I met through a mutual acquaintance and got talking about hobbies and interests, When Chris starts to talk about this great game warhammer 40 k and how I should give it a try.

So I purchased ,my first squad of marines and discovered the world of dry brushing and I think I could have earned internet fame if I had added my first model to the thin your paints montage.... 🙂

Fast forward and well I'm hooked, although I haven't played many games in the last two years and have a reputation for never having a fully painted army. My friends will testify to this its a bit of a running joke, with me being the butt of it... (Le Sigh).

So I've decided to break the habit of a life time, and get a fully painted army on the table and get some more games under my belt! I'm currently working on Horus Heresy Iron hands of which i will be blogging about. I hope you will join us and get your own army finished, Play more games, and get more out of your hobby!

                                                       and yes that is my real hair...

                                                       He Ho Ha! Do the monkey with me....