sicaran-venator Part Deux

Painting the Sicaran Venator – Part DEUX!

Sicaran venator primed black and ready to be paintedNow, where were we…. ah that’s right! I left you with a primed Sicaran Venator. It’s True that painting black armour is one of the more challenging things to do well in the hobby. Lets start by going through some of the steps I have chosen to use whilst painting my Sicaran Venator. What can he possibly do next? I mean, Iron Hands are black and you’ve primed it black, So you’ve done half of the job already with the primer! (eyes Right) Okay, I can see where you are coming from and yes you make a valid point.



Weathering and Battle Damage

Sicaran Venator weathering and battle damage being appliedI started by adding highlights with an Airbrush Using Vallejo Model Air Dark Sea Green. Now I can here you saying “GREEN! ON A BLACK ARMOURED MODEL! WHAT ON EARTH IS HE THINKING!?” It actually produces a great effect as it’s not as harsh as a plain Grey.

The Metallic areas on the model were then painted using Metallic Gun Metal from the Vallejo Model Air range. Battle damage was created on the model using the sponging method and brush techniques. We’re trying to create the impression that this vehicle has been in the field for weeks fighting on a world being brought to compliance, or a world wracked by heresy and betrayal.

To add to this affect further the metallic areas were then washed with a Mix of Citadel Agrax Earthshade and Nulin Oil. Weathering powders were then added to the tracks and some of the armoured areas to break represent the dust wear and tear of the planet it’s currently deployed on operations. By adding these effects we are slowly but surely creating depth and character in the model.


Painting the Glow on the Neutron Laser

Sicaran venator osl effect added to the cannon and other areasSo the next step I took was to start working on The Neutron Laser or as I affectionately have come to know it as, the BFG! This being the centre piece of the model I wanted it to be the focal point of the model. I started by Airbrushing Scale 75 Green to the Parts of the armour where the light source would be at its dimmest (furthermost point from the light source). Once this was done I used Com Art Medea White to the centre of where the light source.

Once the White has been applied Scale 75 Caribbean blue was then applied in a thin layer, I personally use water and a couple of drops of Vallejo Airbrush thinner with a psi of about 20 on the airbrush. You want to add this where you can still see the colour of the armour and detail underneath and in particular on the Neutron Laser and Lascannons you don’t want to completely drown out the white.

Finally to finish this piece off I re-highlighted the white on the Lascannons as well as the Neutron Laser to create a brighter area for the Core of the power source, drawing in your attention. Once this had been applied I then added a gloss varnish to these parts to make the glow stand out against the rest of the armour.

List of Paints used

Brushes: Windsor and Newton Series 7, Back 2 Base-ix Brushes.

Airbrush: Sparmax series airbrush and compressor.

Second Blog Post Down

finished painting the sicaran venator and ready for transfers to be applied

I had a lot of fun using it in a recent apocalypse game, and 30k tournament giving Chris and his Mechanicum a little food for thought. Although there was one or two matches where I was blown up in turn one! (Poor tactics on my part, and some lucky rolls :-P) So, we have come to the end of this blog, think i’m getting the hang of this (Praise to the Emperor!) that being said please feel free to leave your comments below, happy Gaming!

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