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Painting the Macrocarid Explorator

Admittedly I should have been painting the Macrocarid Explorator and posting up progress sooner. Although due to a combination of being very busy over the festive period, meeting up with both family and friends and running our Twas the Knight Before Christmas Giveaway. Hobby progress updates have somewhat suffered as of late. To be fair, spending a good bit of our free time playing (and in some cases trying to play) Space Hulk Deathwing didn’t exactly help the hobby situation. But alas, we had some fun smiting foul Xeno creatures as the questionable Dark Angels 1st Company.

Back to Painting the Macrocarid Explorator!

So following up from my last entry on the Macrocarid Explorator, which seems so long ago now… I was working my little socks off trying to get the tank ready for the 30k Horus Heresy tournament that both myself and Ian were attending in Edinburgh at 6’s2hit before Christmas.

Macrocarid Explorator base coated red

I made the best use of my airbrush using Vallejo Farrari Red as a base colour, same as the rest of my Mechanicum. I’m at that stage where I know I could do a better paint job, but I already have a sizable existing force that if I go too far the new addition won’t match the rest. Am interested on hearing how other people tackle this issue.

I do have to say that I am a huge fan of airbrushing. Although, I am by no means an expert and it took a while to convince Ian that it wasn’t “cheating”, whether I convinced him of my argument or just wore him down overtime he now agrees that it is indeed the way forward! I am currently on my second cheap-o airbrush with a plan to update it to something a bit more respectable in the not too distant future. But until then the cheap-o one does fine for base coating models, something that I would never go back to a brush for that particular task.

Filling in the Details

Following the basecoat and a few lighter coats on the raised areas I set about filling in the details, filling in the black, doing the metalics, painting the Macrocarid Explorator’s gold trim… there’s a lot of gold trim.

working on the macrocarid explorator bronze edging

My aim here in my limited time was to get the tank tabletop ready and save the finishing touches for later when I could afford to spend the extra time. Due to the way the Macrocarid Explorator goes together it really needs to be painted in separate parts, not my usual way of painting a vehicle.

working through the details painting the mechanicum macrocarid explorator

The Night Before the Battle Tomorrow

painting the Macrocarid Explorator to a tabletop standard

warhammer facepalmSo having nicely prepared my colour coordinated army list, lovingly packing all my Mechanicum models securely and making my way through to Edinburgh the night before to crash at Ian’s (mainly to help him with his army list). I discovered at 2:30am (to my horror!) that I had picked up one of the wrong KR cases and didn’t have my affectionately named ‘Melty Tank’. The tournament was to kick off at 9am…

I done what any worthy servant of the Machine God would do in such a situation, crunched the numbers as quick as I could, scribbled out a new army list, scraping together the models I had brought and went to bed!

Seems I didn’t take an assembled picture, I’ll conduct a prayer to my cameras machine spirit and get one up shortly.

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