26 Hour Painting Marathon

Our gaming group decided to try our hand at a 26 hour painting marathon, (much to the dissatisfaction to our significant others). As it’s something we could all get behind while being stuck at home and following current government guidelines as well as supporting a good cause.

Supporting Help for Heroes

Imagine your life changing overnight. Suddenly, the world you knew is not accessible. You must start from scratch, all over again. This is happening right now. Every day, seven people leave the Armed Forces with life changing injuries. Many struggle, meaning they and their families need specialist help to aid recovery from wounds both visible and hidden. 

Thankfully, myself, Kenny, Ian and Dan have not suffered from, or sustained, any life-changing injuries or events, but all have close friends who are current, or former service men/women. The commitment and effort of these people is unparalleled and we firmly believe that we should do everything that we can to ensure that we all look out for them, before, during and more importantly, long after their service ends.

Lots of people are out running marathons for charity right now, so we thought we’d do a marathon of our own! Rather than run for 26 miles however, we are going to make use of this time where we are required to be locked up and paint miniatures for 26 hours straight. That’s right. Instead of 26 miles, we’re going to attempt 26 hours!

The Rules

The rules are simple. Starting at 10am on Saturday 11th July, we are to paint wargaming miniatures for a minimum of 26 hours, taking only short breaks of 15 minutes in order to eat, walk the dogs and relieve ourselves of the copious amounts of coffee which will be required!

This will be tough, and will require a different kind of endurance to a typical marathon!

Individual Goals

A few of us have set some individual goals as part of the painting marathon challenge.

Chris intends to paint a 1000 point Khorne Bloodbound army for Age of Sigmar
Kenny is aiming to get an entire Catachan Astra Millitrum army painted!
Ian plans to build and paint the Primaris half of the Shadowspear box
Dan has 1000 points of Gloomspite Gitz to build and paint for Age of Sigmar

We’re just a group of nerds, using our nerd-powers, to try and make a small difference. Anything you can donate to help, will be greatly appreciated!

Any donations are greatly appreciated as it allows Help for Heroes to continue providing vital support, now and in the future. Thank you for supporting us, Help for Heroes and all those who need them.

We will be livestreaming the event so that you can click in and check that we aren’t cheating! Or pop in and say hello! This will be especially appreciated in the wee hours when the World gets to go to sleep!

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