Warhammer Quarantine Hobby Bingo

With Covid-19 resulting in lock downs across the globe, a lot of us aren’t able to get out much to play games, go to work or see our friends or family. For us Warhammer and wargaming enthusiasts, it presents some time where we can try our best to make a sizeable dent in that backlog that we are all too happy to forget as soon as the new shiny releases come out.

To help kindle some enthusiasm, I pulled together a Warhammer themed Bingo sheet for tackling the backlog of hobby projects. Although it could easily be used for other game systems or hobbies.

The rules are simple, each completed project can only account for 1 square (i.e. no doubling up). Why not share it with your friends and see who can score off the most while the majority of us are stuck at home?

Feel free to share your progress with us via social media and happy hobbying!

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