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Painting the Sicaran Venator – Part DEUX!

Now, where were we…. ah that’s right! I left you with a primed Sicaran Venator. It’s True that painting black armour is one of the more challenging things to do well in the hobby. Lets start by going through some of the steps I have chosen to use whilst painting my Sicaran Venator. What can he possibly…

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Sicaran Venator – Now that’s a Hell of a Gun!

Forgeworld say the following about this machine; The Sicaran Venator is a purpose-built tank destroyer. It mounts the fearsome neutron laser system and the atomantic arc-reactors required to power it. The neutron laser is a formidable anti-armour weapon, and is capable of penetrating any known armour. The combination of mobility, protection and firepower being highly…

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