Nearing the Finish

So, it seems that we are pretty consistent and not terribly great at doing updates or getting as many Warhammer 40k games in for our Tale of Gamers challenge as we had initially hoped. Our 6-month long campaign quickly turned into a year long one.

I can’t deny that there have been a few notable distractions. Such as the increase in new smaller scale games that Games Workshop has been putting out over the past year. The release of games such as Blackstone Fortress, Kill Team and Underworlds have been far too tempting not to jump into and we have been thoroughly enjoying each of them. Admittedly this is usually at the cost of playing more traditional Warhammer 40k games. Generally, as these smaller games require a lot less time commitment from each of us and make for much easier pick up games.

Myphitic Blight Haulers

The last Death Guard Models painted by Chris

Progress on Expanding our Armies

Although, we’ve been playing substantially fewer games. We have all been successfully adding to and expanding our individual armies (with some making more progress than others).

Kieran’s Necron Deathmarks

Overall, we may not have got as much games of Warhammer 40k in as we would have ideally liked. Though three of us now have well sized, fully painted armies to play with or to expand on and Euan even has a few painted models!

Euan's Striking Scorpions

Euan’s Striking Scorpions

Finish line on the Horizon

With our annual Geekend on the horizon in March, where we hire out an old country estate for a long weekend of gaming with some of our closest buddies. It felt like a suitable time to round off our Tale of Four Gamers Challenge and have agreed to play our final battles then.

We all found that having a monthly/bi-monthly deadline to meet, with incremental increases in the powerlevel was a good way of expanding our armies over time. This allowed us to each plan out our next additions, add them to the force and get them painted. Personally, I found this process to be much easier than my normal “Gotta Catch em All!” approach. Where I would normally shell out on the whole army at once, then find myself too intimidated by the overall level of work required. and feel like I had made no progress.

Ian's Ultramarines

Ian’s Ultramarines on the workbench

What’s Next?

We’ll be getting our last games out of the way and reporting on that, I may even convince some of the other guys to do a write up. After that I may tackle Mortarion, who has been sitting in his box gathering dust as his army of followers slowly grew. I’m also getting right into Warhammer Underworlds and Kill Team at the moment. I’m keeping my pledge to only play with painted models and am enjoying the change of pace painting up small warbands.

I have been considering a Primaris Marine Kill Team that could be expanded into a full force eventually. Although, the new Chaos release in the near future could well drag me back to the dark side.

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