Confessions of a Traitor

Admittedly we’ve all been a bit lax of late in our hobby progress following the festive period. Life just seems to find new methods of getting in the way, with Euan moving house, Ian’s kitchen getting flooded and ripped out, then me receiving the gift of tonsillitis and a pretty severe sinus infection from Grandfather Nurgle. We’ve also had some of the worst weather Scotland has ever seen. So it’ll come as no surprise we’ve even been struggling to get games in!

Not the best start to our Tale of Gamers Campaign. More recently we’ve only had ourselves to blame as the Vermintide 2 beta and subsequent release has been eating up our hobby time.

Our 3rd 2nd Month’s Tale of Gamers Round Up

We did however get together at the end of February for our 2nd round of games, although being a little short on time only managed to get 1 game in a piece. Euan was the only member of our group that got in a 2nd game in February vs Gav who’s been playing as a stand in when needed. I ended up facing off against Ian’s Ultramarines and got to try out my new Plagueburst Crawler for the first time. Something I was really excited to see perform on the table.

Army Progress

All of our armies have been steadily growing, some of them coming along a bit faster than others but we are getting there. *Euan has even put paint on a couple of models for the first time in years!

*I can’t emphasise the “couple of models” enough…

Euan’s painted models in February

Death Guard vs Ultramarine Grudge Match

The Battle Lines are Drawn

The battle lines are drawn

The battle lines are drawn

The power level had increased to 40 for February, I’d messed about with a few ideas of how to expand my list but eventually settled on the Plagueburst Crawler and a Foul Blightspawn. As I was lacking some serious hitting power in most of my units and both of these should help. I’d also added some Nurglings, thinking that they’d make a decent speed bump unit.

Ian had added a second Lieutenant giving him a larger buff area and a squad of Inceptors making for an effective mobile weapons platform, providing him with some short range fire support for his advancing forces.

We played the Secure and Control from the Eternal War missions in the Warhammer 40k Rule Book. Which required us to set up an objective each in our own deployment zones, that would be worth 3 Victory Points to the controlling player at the end of the game then alternated deploying units.

The mission objectives included Take and Hold, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker and First Blood, which we changed out to First Strike from the Horus Heresy Rule Book as we feel it’s a bit more balanced and gives both sides a chance to get a victory point from wiping out a unit in turn one.


Joined in Glorious Battle!

To begin I ended up sending the majority of my force down one side of the battlefield, using the ruined buildings as cover to keep my units out of the Ultramarine firing lines as much as possible. While I used the Plagueburst Crawler to soften up Ian’s units as the Bloat Drone pushed forward early on to put pressure on the Ultramarine lines and draw fire away from my Troop units which were further up the field.

The Death Guard advance

The Death Guard advance

Primaris Marines hold the ruins

Primaris Marines hold the ruins


After initially being unimpressed with the Bloat Drone in previous games, this time it performed notably well, taking out over a full squad of Intercessors and dropping the Powersword armed Sergeant to one wound. After getting charged it happily kept the Ultramarine units locked in combat, only bobbing it’s way out to douse them with corrosive, liquid filth yet again. Ian was eventually able to pull the thing down on the second to last turn, at which point it exploded and took wounds off the remaining Intercessor squad.

I summoned in my Nurglings pretty early on, intending to use them as a speed bump and hopefully slow down the Redemptor. Ian had expected this and positioned his forces with overlapping deepstrike denial areas. I brought them down as best I could, they failed the charge to the closest unit and were turned to green sticky mist by the Redemptor in Ian’s turn, disappointing.


Plagueburst Crawler waits to line up a shot

The Plagueburst Crawler waits to line up a shot


The Plagueburst Crawler also performed pretty well, there was a few instances when firing the entropy cannons at the Primaris marines felt a bit like a waste.

Admittedly Ian done well to keep his Redemptor out of my line of fire or forced me to move to line up a shot most of the game, making it harder for me to hit. I do love the tank’s mortar that can harass enemies without needing line of sight to fire at them and with 2 damage per hit it makes the tank an effective Primaris killer.

Poxwalkers swarm the Ultramarine Lieutenant

Poxwalkers swarm the Ultramarine Lieutenant


My Poxwalkers didn’t fare to well this game, which is ok as I can’t have everything go my way. They advanced up the field as quick as their shambling gait would take them, only to be charged by a Lieutenant, who promptly cut down a swathe of them.

I was forced to send in the Bloat Drone to try and save the poor grinning wretches as I was relying on them to capture the Ultramarine objective. The Bloat Drone did make Ian think twice about remaining in assault, as the plague Probe is actually not too bad and the high toughness was giving him trouble. He decided to retreat with his Lieutenant to the safety of the ruins, keeping out of line of sight and where the Drone couldn’t easily get at him.

Headless Ultramarine Inceptors

Notice anything missing on the Inceptors?


Ian held his Inceptors in reserve, deploying them via deepstrike later on in the game. They came down to the rear of my Plague Marines, hosing them with their heavy bolters, although to his dismay the Death Guard shrugged off most of the damage.

The Inceptors then failed the charge, leaving them squarely in line of sight of the Plagueburst Crawler which promptly vaporised one of them with an entropy cannon and dropped a second to one wound while it’s mortar harassed an Intercessor squad. Leaving the Plague Marines to pick off the remaining two.

Redemptor vs Death Guard

The Redemptor heads off the Death Guard


Once my Poxwalkers were out of combat, Ian’s Redemptor made short work of the remaining few with it’s Gatling Cannons.  Then proceeded to rip through my Plague Marines in close combat once it got to grips with them.

The Redemptor proved to be quite the thorn in my side, I’d managed to get one clear hit on it with the Plague Burst Crawler, stripping 4 wounds off of it. Although after that Ian was a lot more cautious, making sure I couldn’t draw line of sight without getting too close.

Towards the end of the game I took a big risk and charged my Lord of Contagion into the dreadnought, in the hope that he’d get lucky/slow it down although it sadly didn’t pan out and he was promptly swatted out of it’s path.

Post Battle Review

The game was a lot of fun with a good bit of too and fro-ing throughout. As the last turn of the game ended I had cleared the Ultramarines off of their objective and was still holding my own, admittedly only just, winning by 3 victory points to 1.

Battle of the Ancients


Keeping with the grudge match theme, Kieran’s Necrons faced off against Euan’s Aeldari for the first time in our campaign. Kieran, still being pretty new to the game and having an army that doesn’t use any psykers had his first experience going up against them. I’ll need to get him to tell us how he found playing against them. It was also likely to be the last month that both of them were using the Index books, it’ll be interesting to see how both forces change with the release of their codex.

I didn’t see much of what went on with their game, being a bit too enthralled in my own but am aware that it did result in a win for Euan.

Confessions of a Traitor

Upon reviewing my list the following day I realised that with all the rejigging done previously, I’d added an extra 2 marines to my Plague Marine squad that had been in a separate list and hadn’t been paid for in the one I used. So it looks like Ian takes the win this month for my inadvertent cheating and consolidates his lead.

Next month we go to 55 power level, I think that my units are still a bit small and could do with being a bit more durable. This has really hit home with the 10 man unit of Poxwalkers, who just melt away in a turn to sustained firepower. I’m also considering adding in a Myphitic Blight Hauler or two to the force for some added manoeuvrability.

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March 30, 2018 3:46 pm

Its quality not quantity of models that counts, Chris! 😛

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