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CSM Reaper Chaincannon Alternatives

So with the release of the new Chaos Space Marines, followed very closely by the new Havocs. A lot of people have their eyes on making the most of the new Reaper Chaincannon. Especially after the Warhammer Community’s reveal that this weapon deals out a mighty 8 shots with the following profile.

Reaper Chaincannon Stats


Chaos Space Marine with Reaper ChaincannonWith the ability to have 4 of these in a squad, dishing out a total of 32 str 5 shots at BS 3+ is very tempting. As is the fact that Slaanesh Havocs can fire twice with the Endless Cacophany stratagem. Or if you have a Devastation Battery specialist detachment, they can fire after your opponent’s first movement phase using the Punishing Volley stratagem. Add to that the new increase in toughness and the ability to move and shoot without any penalty and they are starting to look like a solid unit.

The only real drawback in the new Havoc box is that it only includes one of the chain cannons, yet 2 of everything else!

I doubt many of us will be willing to pick up four boxes of havocs just for the chain cannons. They will also likely be priced extremely high by bits sellers on the likes of eBay and other trading sites.

Alternative Reaper Chaincannon Options

All of the alternatives prices listed below were correct at the time of posting and may change.


Forgeworld’s Proteus Pattern Rotor Cannon set makes for some decent Gatling Cannon type weapons and you get 5 of them for £13.50. Available as part of their Horus Heresy range.

However, these are currently “Temporarily Out of Stock” and the only option is to sign up for an email alert.


Kromlech has a Legionary Minigun set that looks like it could do the job. I like the fact that you get 3 of these for the price of £4.87 direct from the Bits of War website (as they are currently giving 20% off). Even without the money off, it’s a good deal and would easily fill out the Havoc squad.

The style is quite different but I could see it fitting some Chaos Marines nicely.

Zinge Industries

Another alternative is the Big Guns, Saturation Fire and Minigun set from Zinge Industries. For £6 you get 2 miniguns, 2 backpacks and 2 flexible ammo feeds. I’m not sure how well these will fit marines, though shouldn’t require too much conversion work.

I do quite like the idea of flexible ammo feeds, although I don’t have the best memories of dealing with Forgeworld’s ammo belts. Hopefully, these are better.


Maxmini does a set of 5 Miniguns for £6.22 that seem alright. The weapon looks ok, although I am concerned that it might look quite small on the upscaled Chaos Marines. Although am sure it’d be fine with a bit of work.

Puppets War

A set of 5 Gatling Cannons for £9.02 are available from Puppets War, they also do some Gatling Cannon Tips for £4.51, if you plan on just adding the barrels onto some other weaponry, which could work quite well.

Anvil Industries

Although Anvil Industries does have a Minigun Operator model for £8, I’d rather just have the guns. Luckily they do have miniguns for their Taurus robots that could work well.

You get 5 of these for £9.00 which I think could look quite good with a little work.

Pop Goes the Monkey – Shapeways

pop goes the monkey chaos rip cannon One of the more Chaos-y looking option has to be the Chaos Rip Cannon from Pop Goes the Monkey’s custom bits and pieces shop on Shapeways.

He sells these individually for £6.29, £8.99 for 2 or £12.59 for 4.

The Reliquary – Shapeways

The Reliquary has a selection of Corrupted Prime Gatling Cannons that make for some good chaos looking chaincannon alternatives, although they do come in at one of the pricer options at the cost of £20.17 for 3.

Red Dog Minis

Assault Cannon Barrels Assault Cannon Barrel on Space Marine Aggressor

Red Dog Minis do a set of 6 Gatling Gun Barel Tips and have a few example pics of the parts used on Space Marine models. Giving a good indication as to how they will look on your own models. These come in at $5 for 6 (so about £4) although shipping to the UK will cost about £11.50.

Already have Alternative Chaincannons?

Let us know if you have a different solution for adding multiple Reaper Chaincannons to your Havoc Squads or if you have tried any of those listed above. Always like to get people’s feedback on what works for them.

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April 2, 2019 1:16 pm

Taurox kit has the barrels

Watcorp Designs
Watcorp Designs
April 17, 2019 11:54 am


Say your thread and thought I’d let you know I have just listed some chain cannon barrel conversions for heavy bolters on my ebay shop

just chop the bolter barrel and stick on the new barrels

hope they are of interest

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