Death Guard Army

Expanding my Death Guard Army

Last time I had talked about fully embracing Papa Nurgle and deciding to collect a new Death Guard army as part of our Tale of Four Gamers challenge. Since my last update I’ve been working away every spare minute I’ve had on my fledgling Death Guard army, outside of getting sucked into Warhammer: Total War 2 that is. I was able to make some pretty good progress and went slightly over our initial 25 power level requirement for month one, painting up an additional 10 Poxwalkers. As I was on a bit of a roll with them and figured it was better to get them out of the way while I still had the drive and inspiration.

I am admittedly quite a slow painter, although I haven’t allowed that to stop me from working hard on the Death Guard models. I found that all the little details, mutations and gubbinz’ can take a while to paint, far longer than I had initially anticipated. Regardless I’ve been enjoying working on these models, they really are a grisly pleasure to paint. There’s also something about the 40k Death Guard paint scheme that really calls out to me, which I’ve really enjoyed ever since the first images leaked. Admittedly this is also helped a lot by the fact that Games workshop have released a Death Guard Green Spray Paint! I always appreciate a shortcut.

Deciding on How to Base a New Army

One of the biggest hurdles I found was making a final decision on how I wanted to base them. As I’ve been stuck in a process of basing for a while now that I either continue with, which allows me to field armies together without them looking out of place or start a completely new method. I eventually caved and decided to go with cork basing as seems to have become popular as of late, it seems to be a fairly effective method but most importantly of all it’s quick!

painting and basing Death Guard Poxwalkers

The Poxwalkers eye up their new bases as they dry

I ended up painting the models and the bases separately, I know a lot of people tend to do this these days but it wasn’t something that I used to do previously. Although doing so did allow me to speed up the process of getting the models done and prevented having to cover up mistakes from painting a base. This is something I’ve had issues with before and is nice not having to worry about it.

Finished Death Guard Lord of Contagion

Finished Death Guard Lord of Contagion

Finishing the Lord of Contagion

The Lord of Contagion was by far my favourite model to paint so far, I love the pose, all of the little details and the fact that he looks extremely threatening. For the most part I followed Duncan Rhodes Youtube painting tutorial, changing little bits here and there to better fit what I wanted to do, keeping true to the mantra of Two thin Coats! Painting the Lord of Contagion also allowed me to try out a few new techniques. One of those being edge highlighting, something that I’ve dallied with in the past but never followed through with or thought it looked good. Although with this model it really came together well.

I’m really pleased with how he turned out, the purples and bronze colours make a nice contrast against the green armour plate. He will look the part leading my Death Guard army into battle, at least until I can get Mortarion done!


The First of the Plaguemarines Completed

I was only able to fit an initial squad of 5 Death Guard Plaguemarines into the army, which had to include the Blight Launcher as it’s clearly one of the best weapon options for them. I would have liked to have two of these but opted to build my initial Death Guard marines as they came instead of converting anything. Which meant that my 2nd special weapon option was filled by the Plasma gun. I’m not really a fan of these in the new edition but they do still have their uses.

Death Guard Plague Marines

Death Guard Plague Marines

I was struggling with the rot fly on the champion, I’d painted it three separate times and still wasn’t happy with it as it looked pretty flat. I tried a few different things here and there but it just wasn’t coming together and was ruining a model that I was otherwise very happy with. It had to go!

I did try out the Nihilakh Oxide Technical paint on some of the models, am still not 100% sure if I like it and tried not to overdo it. I may add some more to the models at a later date but for now I’ll leave it off.

Finished Death Guard Foetid Bloat Drone

Finished Death Guard Foetid Bloat Drone

Finishing Off the Bloat Drone

The last thing I added to the initial force was the Foetid Bloat Drone, I like how it works in games and makes for a good distraction unit. However, I’m not convinced that the plague spitters are the best load out for them and imagine a mobile gun platform with the heavy Blight Launcher would be a better bet.

Admittedly this is the model that I was most excited about fielding but after playing a few games is the one most likely to be replaced, at least until we get to larger games. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and see how he fares in month two’s games before switching him out.

Adding to my Death Guard Amry

Having completed my initial force and meeting the first month’s challenge in time to meet up with the guys for our Tale of Gamers opening battles, I found that my army was pretty resilient as expected. Although I was seriously lacking some heavy hitting power. With the only real threat being the Blight Launcher as the rest of my weapons were pretty much just small arms fire.

Going forward I decided to add the Plague Burst Crawler, giving a bit more armour and a good amount more firepower. My original plan was to bulk out the Plague Marine Squad by a further two marines, giving them some more ablative wounds before the Blight Launcher gets killed off. I’d toyed with the idea of a second squad but was quite restricted by the power level increase.

I’m also currently swaying between adding a Foul Blightspawn or a Noxious Blightbringer to the force. I do like the Blightbringer, although he doesn’t add a whole lot to my current list unless I add more Poxwalkers, therefore he might get shelved for now and added at a later date. Whereas the Foul Blightspawn is pretty good at killing Primaris Marines, something that I am clearly struggling with right now which makes him the more obvious choice.

All in all I think I have a good idea as to what to add for our second round.




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