Papa Nurgle

Embracing Papa Nurgle

Nurgle SymbolI’ve always had an unhealthy interest in the Death Guard and ol’ Papa Nurgle, infact I previously had quite a sizable army of them back in the 4th edition of Warhammer 40,000. When they were one of the best troop choices available compared to most armies, due to their sheer resilience. I was a big fan of the plague swords in that edition, especially when Nid-Zilla lists were dominant it was nice to have weapons that could instant kill such monstrosities.

I eventually fell away from the Death Guard, moving onto other projects with different legions, most notably the Word Bearers. Although with the new release of Warhammer 8th edition and the big focus on the followers of Nurgle (and the expanded product line) has pulled me back in. Like a Rot fly drawn to decomposing flesh, I just couldn’t resist the temptations of Grandfather Nurgle. Especially with the force being so easy to get started, due to making up one half of the new starter box. It was an easy decision as to what force I was going to start when we decided to do our Tale of Four Gamers Challenge.

Starting a New Warhammer 40k Nurgle Army

We agreed to start off at 25 Power Level for the first month and building by and additional 15 power level each following month. I decided to make the most of the units in the starter box for my initial force and went with the following as the start of my new Death Guard army:

  • A Lord of Contagion
  • 5 man squad of Plague Marines
  • 10 man squad of Pox Walkers
  • A Foetid Bloat Drone

This would round out my army nicely, giving me a couple of Troop choices to form the basis of my force as I expand it, an HQ and something fun in the form of the Bloat Drone.

Painting Death Guard Poxwalkers

I started off painting the Pox Walkers, really liking the schemes I had seen people do with the orange clothing. To me they look like industrial workers that have died and been infected by the Pox Walker virus. I won’t claim to be the best painter around and found this to be a bit of a learning experience, though I thoroughly enjoyed putting paint on these models. This was probably helped by the fact that there are quite a few different sculpts, so you have a lot more diversity. This was always something that I thought was a little lacking when it came to painting Chaos Cultist Models.

Painting the Lord of Contagion

Lord of Contagion

Almost finished Lord of Contagion!

I’ll admit that I’m not the fastest painter by any means and with our first month deadline approaching fast, I had to push on with my Death Guard and get them up to a decent standard. The Lord of Contagion was the first model I began working on and has by far got to be one of my favourite models that I’ve painted in a long time.

He’s still currently a work in progress, getting put to one side as I get the Plague Marines up to a similar standard and will be finished in due time. Working on this model really made me appreciate the overwhelming amount of detail that Games Workshop has put into the new Death Guard model range. I was impressed by the amount of sores, boils, tentacles and other mutations and am really liking the new aesthetic that they’ve decided to go with.

I’ve been using Duncan Rhodes’ video on How to Paint the Lord of Contagion as a basis for painting my Death Guard, with a few minor changes here and there. I’ve found the Warhammer Community Team’s videos to be a fantastic asset when it comes to painting an entirely new army and to give me the confidence to try out a few new things.



First Five of my Death Guard Plague Marines

Death Guard Plague Marines

As with the Lord of Contagaion I am blown away by these models, the original offerings are monopose without some conversion work. Although there are enough individual models from the different boxes available to make up a couple 5 man squads without doubling down on having the same models. The models look great and with multipart kits on the horizon it’s not a huge concern, although does put me off buying multiple boxes of Dark Imperium (and this coming from a guy that didn’t bat an eyelid buying 3 copies of both Battle for Calth and Prospero Burns).

Work so far on the Death Guard Foetid Bloat Drone

Work in progress of a Death Guard Foetid Bloat Drone

WIP pic of my Death Guard Foetid Bloat Drone

I’m a huge fan of Daemon Engines, can’t get enough of them and have owned a couple of the Forgeworld Bloat Drones for some time. Admittedly, they have been sitting shelved for a long time until I had the urge to get back into the service of Papa Nurgle, which will no doubt be getting painted up and added to my new army at some point.

The Foetid Bloat Drone was the single model that excited me the most when the initial pictures of the Dark Imperium box were leaked. Out of all the models that will make up my Death Guard force its been the last that I got round to working on. I’d saved it for the end as a bit of a treat for after the infantry, as knew i’d enjoy working on it the most. I’m still not overly sure on the weapon load out but it’s what it came with and I intend on buying some more in the future and should have a better idea by then as to what weapon load outs would suit me the best.

My most recent picture, just before any washes go onto the model. These will be followed up with a little edge highlighting, in a similar vane to the Lord of Contagion.





Onward to Spread Grandfather Nurgle’s Gifts!

With our initial deadline less than a week away and the first battles set to take place on Sunday 22nd of October. I am still struggling to settle on how I intend to base the army! Something I better make a decision on quickly! I’ve tried out a few things, though so far nothing has really stood out for me, the search continues.

Hopefully the other three guys are also on track as well to get their initial 25 Power Level army ready for Sunday

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