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Black Library on Audible

Black Library on AudibleSo the big news today is that Black Library is coming to Audible. For someone like me this is really exciting as I am a huge fan of anything Warhammer 40k related with quite a backlog of books to get through that I just don’t seem to have the time to sit down and enjoy.

One thing I do have plenty of, is time spent commuting back and forward to work each day. Normally during this time I’ll have a hobby related podcast to listen to from the likes of the Independent Characters, Life After the Cover Save or something similar. Yet there are still a good few days every month where I am struggling for something to listen to and have to resort to local radio, which is never the first choice.

So How Does Audible Work?

For those that haven’t been introduced to it before, you pay a monthly subscription to Audible of £7.99, this gives you 1 credit per month (or two per month if you are on a higher subscription tier). You can then use these credits to claim audio books that normally average about £29.99 each (or bought individually at £26.24 each with an Audible subscription) and are anything between 5-10 hours long. Making the monthly subscription a pretty good deal for the amount of content you’re getting.

Especially when you consider that the titles are also £29.99 from Black Library themselves.

What Black Library Audio Books are Available?

Black Library have kicked off their offerings on Audible with a good selection of Warhammer books, including:

The Beast Arises Series

I’m only on book 4 myself but have been enjoying them so far as it gives a nice look into the Imperium following the Heresy, as well as the inner workings of the High Lords of Terra and just how dangerous it is to become involved in their political maneuverings.

Although these are enjoyable books, I’d be a bit wary and avoid them unless you are well into the story. As most of these Black Library audio books are about half the length of other books that are available, only coming in at 5-6 hours run time each. There are better options available that will make your Audible credits and/or money go further.

The Eisenhorn Trilogy

Some of my favourite books from Dan Abnett. I don’t normally read a book more than once but these are certainly an exception to that rule. I regard them as some of the best books ever released by the Black Library and tend to re-read them every couple of years or so, they never fail to suck me back in. I’ve never listened to them on audio but imagine it’ll be just as gripping.

Fabius Bile: Primogenitor

This book from Josh Reynolds is one I’ve had my eye on, as I do tend to like anything about Fabius Bile and whatever cruel experiments he is currently up to as he fills that mad scientist role in the dark and gritty forty first millennium.

Horusian Wars: Resurrection

The big seller for me however is that the Horusian Wars: Resurrection from John Blanche is available. I have come close to buying this particular book a few times, then I crumble under the guilt of what’s still sitting on my “To Read” shelf. It is another Inquisition book, but then I am a huge fan of that overly secretive and deadly institution and having it on audio makes it much more accessible. It was this book that pushed me over the edge and got me to subscribe.

The Talon of Horus

I’ve read this before from Aaron Dembski-Bowden but would be sorely tempted to pick it up on audio, it’s a fantastic book that gives a great insight into the Black Legion and Abaddon himself. Give a lot more depth to one of the centrepiece villains from the Warhammer 40,000 universe and it’s good to get an insight into his cold, calculating nature.

Black Legion

The second instalment from Aaron Dembski-Bowden on the Black Legion, I’ve not read this one yet myself but am excited to get to it. The book follows on from Talon of Horus with Abaddon striving to bind the newly formed Black Legion together.

And there’s More!

There are also a few Space Marine Battle novels including Hellsreach by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, one that I have heard many good things about but never got round to actually reading.

It’s clear that Black Library are testing the waters here, releasing only a small selection of their overall catalogue. Although in truth, I’m quite surprised that they have green lit some of their newer books to go on Audible, instead of the back catalogue. I imagine we’ll see the line-up expanded to over time.

Amazon Prime members do get access to Audible Channels that contain rotating books each month, although there is no guarantee of Black Library titles appearing on there or how regularly they will.

Getting the Most from your Audible Account

The best way to sign up is with the 2 free books Audible trial offer. With this death your first month is free, although it is only available to new Audible members. Well worth taking full advantage of if you haven’t used the service before.

Being an Amazon company, Audible tend to offer you deals should you attempt to cancel your subscription, these can range from a couple months free to some extra credits.

We came across this Ultimate Guide for Savings on Audible that’s well worth looking into.

Didn’t like a Book? Return it and Get Another

Audible give you the option to return a book, even if you have listened to it “A member who is not fully satisfied with his or her listening experience may return such book for a full refund within 365 days of purchase”. This will remove the book from your library, although it will remain on the device you downloaded to. I would advise only doing this if you really didn’t enjoy the book as using it to game the system will eventually see your account closed.

Time to Get More Grimdark in your Ear Holes!

So it looks like my daily commute is going to become a lot more interesting, I’m already adding books to my wishlist. Hopefully we see Black Library continue their support of this platform and expand their offerings over time. I’m exceptionally happy that it makes the audio books a lot more accessible instead of having to fork out nearly £30 a pop.

What’s on the top of your reading list? Any novels that you would you like to see added?

We’re also interested to hear people’s recommendations are on some of the other books currently available

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