warhammer world trip

Warhammer World Trip

My gaming group had been threatening to arrange a trip to Warhammer World for the past 6 years. Admittedly very little ever happened towards planning a trip down, despite the subject coming up every year. Considering we’re only a 6-7 hour drive away from Nottingham, it’s not really a huge commitment to travel south for a few days.

As mentioned in my Battling Hobby Procrastination article, a few things had fallen into place recently that really gave us the kick up the backside that we needed to get things moving, both with arranging a trip and pushing on with our Tale of Gamers progress.

1st day at Warhammer World

I’ve been to Warhammer World quite a few times, in my wargaming career. The most recent of which being with the other half and although she found it interesting and I have it on record that she “wouldn’t mind” going back again. It is a very different experience going with your mates that are also into the hobby.

We’d planned a whole day of 40k for the first day of our Warhammer World trip, pre-booking tables beforehand. I’d actually advise doing this if you decide to make the pilgrimage as it can be quite busy. Though it’s worth pointing out that even if you reserve tables, they will only hold them for so long. I think they give you a couple of hours at most if demand is high.

Gav vs Craig at Warhammer World Gregg enjoying himself at Warhammer World

Out of the seven of us that made the trip down, three of us that were taking part in the Tale of Gamers challenge (myself, Ian and Kieran). Unsurprisingly, us three were awake till the small hours, furiously painting away all night after arriving at our accommodation. We had it in our heads that you could only use fully painted models on the gaming tables. We also wanted to have a decent sized force to play larger battles. With the rest of the group being able to comfortably field about 2,000 points, we were feeling the pressure and wanted to get as much done as possible.

Kieran vs Ian at Warhammer World Chris getting ready to face Gregg at Warhammer World

The three of us ended up being pretty tired on our first day. However we managed to get a lot done and had everything at least tabletop standard, though I wouldn’t advise following our example. Understandably, we were a little annoyed to see quite a few armies of grey plastic on many of the tables. As in our gaming group almost nothing (*cough* Euan *cough*) see’s the table unless it is painted. At least our armies looked good on the battlefield! In hindsight the rule about painted armies is most likely only enforced for tournaments and events.

Day 2 Skirmish Games and the Museum

For our second day we had planned on getting a number of smaller games in and reserved the impressive mining complex table. The initial plan was to have a more relaxed day with smaller games that wouldn’t last too long. We’d initially agreed on bringing a Necromunda gang each, although the sudden release of Kill Team ended up a better fit. Mainly due to ease of access to the rules and plenty of already painted models to use from our already existing armies.

Note: C’mon Forgeworld release the Necromunda rulebook separately!

Warhammer World Museum

The museum is fantastic and well worth the entry fee of £7 with regular new displays and dioramas. There is so much to see that you could easily spend hours in there, in fact our group did. One thing that I really enjoyed was going through the displays as a group. This allowed us to discuss the models, appreciate the painting and point out details to one another.

If there’s one thing that recaptures the childlike feeling of awe when I first got into the hobby it’s seeing these displays. This is especially true with friends that also appreciate such things as the  classic Horus vs The Emperor diorama.

Horus vs The Emperor diorama by Mike McVey

Horus vs The Emperor diorama by Mike McVey

Exclusive Merchandise at Warhammer World

One of the benefits of going to Warhammer World is that they have a range of exclusive merchandise and models for sale. You can expect exclusive models from Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, The Horus Heresy and from Bugman’s Bar!

There’s also a constantly changing range of t-shirts, hoodies and mugs available from both the Games Workshop and Forgeworld stores. Although most of these seem to be limited print runs and once they are gone they are gone. So if you see something you like be sure to grab it!

Relaxing in Bugman’s Bar

Bugman’s Bar provides a great location to have a break from wargaming and grab a bite to eat or even play some smaller games. The food is decent enough and not too expensive, if you’re like us the names of dishes should give you a chuckle. The portions can be quite large as well, I went for Greasus Goldtooth’s Fifth Breakfast, not realising how big it was!

Bugman's Bar Warhammer World 

Main Takeaways from our Trip

The most surprising thing about the trip was how much we all enjoyed playing Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. All of which was done at our accommodation, with everyone being able to pick up the rules fairly quickly. Despite looking fairly simple on the surface, there’s quite a lot of depth to the game play and tactics. Immediately we were all looking into the factions available and grabbing new warbands. Warhammer World really isn’t the best place to go if your trying to avoid buying more plastic models!

Our only gripe was that the whole place closed at 6pm, this brought a rather abrupt halt to our fun on both Saturday and Sunday. As a place that people travel to and with it’s own bar we would have expected them to be open at least until 8pm

Things to consider when planning your trip

  • Check your dates against any events that Warhammer World is running as this could result in limited/no access to the games hall.
  • Make sure you book tables in advance if you can.
  • Expect to spend money on exclusive models, tshirts, mugs etc.
  • Visit the Museum! There are some truly stunning displays in there and it’s well worth the entry price.
  • The whole place shuts at 6pm on a Saturday & Sunday

Gather your mates and make the trip to Warhammer World, don’t put it off like we did!

Obligatory pic with Warhammer World Rhino

Obligatory pic with Warhammer World Rhino


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