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Model Box – A Miniature Hobby Subscription Box

Model Box is still a fairly new company, having recently celebrated their first birthday. It is set up following the monthly subscription box business model that we are seeing become popular.

Much like Lootcrate or My Geek Box, which have been around a bit longer it works in a similar manor where you will receive your mystery box each month to your door. Being quite the geek myself, I can’t deny the appeal of the business model or the excitement of getting to open a monthly mystery box.

What makes Model Box different from other monthly subscription boxes?

Where the two examples above are a bit more established and target Geeks of all fandoms with a wide selection of products that include a lot of mainstream elements such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars and superheros merchandise from Marvel or DC. Model Box is a lot more specific, aimed at people involved with the miniature hobby industry and tailor their boxes to suit.

What kind of things will you find inside

These will be changing month by month and the guys at Model Box like to put together themed boxes, be it Sci-fi, Fantasy, Western, WWII, etc. They aren’t just themed by genre, sometimes we will see boxes with a focus on something like Flesh, with some related paints and models.

The contents will vary but you will get at least one model, although generally a few in the box. As well as a couple of paints, possibly some paint brushes, basing materials, terrain, dice, gaming accessories and more!

You can expect to see products from many established companies within the miniature hobby industry. So far we’ve seen items from Vallejo, Army Painter, Scibor, Secret Weapon, TT Combat, Knight Models, Raging Heroes, Bad Squiddo, Micro Art Studio, Warlord Games, GaleForce Nine, Rosemary & Co, Corvus Belli  and Spartan Games to name a few.

You’ll no doubt recognise most of those names! It’s an impressive offering, covering a large area of the of the table top wargaming and miniature collecting spectrum.

Unboxing June’s Monthly Mystery Box

So lets get to grips with the box we received. Arriving promptly, it came well packaged with the Model Box logo on top.

Upon opening it we were able to quickly discern that this June’s box had a definitively Western theme and was crammed full of goodies to get our hands on.

opening June's model box

June’s monthly subscription box included:

  • A Wild West Exodus Outlaw Jessie James miniature
  • A Wild West Senics Saloon from TT Combat
  • Two paints from Wargames Foundry (Rawhide and Spearshaft colours).
  • A Retried Marshal (on foot and mounted) from Crusader Miniatures
  • A Tomahawk wielding Renegade Indian from Dead Man’s Hand
  • A couple of laser cut Model Box Dice
The Wild West Exodus Outlaw Jessie James

The Wild West Exodus Outlaw Jessie James

Crusader Miniatures Retired Marshal

Crusader Miniatures Retired Marshal

Dead Man's Hand Renegade Indian

Dead Man’s Hand Renegade Indian

Foundry Paints - Rawhide & Spearshaft

Foundry Paints – Rawhide & Spearshaft

TT Combat Wild West Exodus Saloon

TT Combat Wild West Exodus Saloon

If you’ve already signed up you can look forward to July’s Model Box, which has a theme of ‘Suit Up’, with a focus on the battlefield. The deadline has passed to sign up for this, however a little bird tells us that August will have a Mech theme, so make sure you sign up before the 30th of July to get your hands on this box.

We’ve also happy to mention that you can get 10% off of next month’s Model Box with the code “MB10”. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

Reasons to get Model Box

Get Something New Each Month

One of the main selling points is the discovery, getting introduced to new companies, miniatures and accessories that you may never have heard of/seen before. It makes a nice change from working on the same type of models and may even get you interested in new game systems.

There are so many great smaller companies in our industry that do some amazing work that it’s sometimes easy to miss them. This is something that I really like about Model Box, as it exposes you to some of them that you may have otherwise not came across.

Great Value

Did you go through the list of items we got in our box? A Model Box subscription is £23.99 a month, for what you get that’s some pretty good value for a monthly geek box that’s all about miniatures. There’s also discounts for paying quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

I actually think that this could make a great gift for someone and seems like an ideal product for spouses, loved ones and family members to buy for the miniature collector/painter/gamer in the family. I’d actually make the suggestion that the guys at Model Box allow people to do a one off purchase as a gift, whether it was 1, 3, 6 or 12 months they could buy.

The Future of Model Box

Much like other companies, Model Box has plans to expand it’s range to include a few different boxes. Giving customers the option of a Sci-fi, Fantasy or All rounder box each month, allowing you to get the kind of miniatures that you are more interested in every month.

I for one will be watching this space.

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